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Friday, June 6th 2014, 10:49pm

A beginner guide

Here below what I have already said to all players in my guild:

Parsley is an ultra rare item so use it accordingly. If you are lucky you may found one of it par week.
Few tips on the game:
* ignore all mission who require parsley or to cook something using the parsley.
* if you found some parsley..stash it! and use it to upgrade the villagers only!
* Use all your free helmet to unlock space on the inventory only. don't buy food with them! hunt boar or go fishing if you need food.
* Only defeat the roman patrol who block the fishing grounds (first) and the boar trails (after). More patrol you kill more and stronger will come back once the resisatnce bar increase level ;)
* Do not pretend once reached level 5 of the resistance bar to stay there. Is more usefull to get defeated and go back to win all prizes of each level :) and not have to fight 3 legion at the same time with 1500 of health each!! that means 15 attack on each legion at least to kill them...crazy!
* Do not sell rare items. trade them. Only sell fish, smelly fish and iron ore if you freed the quarry and only when you have more than a full slot of them. Use all the rest as merchandise to get sesterces or craft them and stash them so you will be ready for the next Quests.
* TRADE!! trade all you don't need using the trading chat. If you speak French or German try also the french or german chat, more players there than in the english chat.
*If you want to trade but don't have space in your inventory...leave the item as e-mail attachment :) it will stay thee up to 30 days.
*The following rare item you will not need for a very long time (months) so feel free to trade them for somethign you need (like parsley :)
- RED GEMSTONE (needed to craft Egyptian Sword, you need level 9 Edifis' Workshhop first :)
- PEARLS (needed for the "Quality Shield", you need the Level 12 Leatherwrkers :)
- ROCK OILS (you need it for the magic potion in Egypt..sometimes, can do without, especially fi your worker are alwasy on strike lol)
- FEATHERS (needed for the "Winged Helmet", you need level 12 blacksmith :)
- GOLD ORE, crafted gold bar take less space in the inventory than the gold ore if you have extra coal. but some times is hard to find coal too and only get salt from rocks (and viceversa).

*Better to have always a full slot in the inventory with the following items (that are often requested for quests):
-Boar bones (10X), Boar teeth (5x), Entrails (10x),
-Fish (10x), Smelly Fish (10x), Lobster (5x), Crabs (5x), Oyster (5x)
Before launching any crafting in the Stonemason or the Carpenter be sure to have at least 1 full slot (10x) of the following
-Wooden Plank, Stone Block (you don't want to wait for hours for a craft to end to complete another mission or upgrade a resource building ;)

*Forget about the not even build it untill you are at least level 38 or you'll give easy points to players who are way ahead of you.
Don't spend sesterces on the Brawling ring, no more than 100 or 200 anyway. You have 50% probability to win. is a lottery not a game. Probability is only slightly better if your opponent is far below of you in level (I've been often matched with a level 55 when I was a level 8!! ridiculous of course he won same as I alwasy won against level from 8 to 19 when I was level 38 and higher :)
The vicory is aleatory in the ring. If you win a match you have more chance to lose the one after...even if you are a level 40 and the opponent is a level 25. There have been cases where even with the best weapons, like the menhirs, who should give my brawlers an high probability to a critical hit I didn't had even one critical hit on my enemy brawlers while them without weapons had 3 critical hit against me! ridiculous. Don't waste time on it and don't bet anything worth on it...even if the player is far below you as level, unless he is a level 8 or 9 lol.
What a joke! This game need some serious PvP, with certain results. Why waste money if then the result may not even improve if you spend for it?

see you all in the english chat 1: /c en 1

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Sunday, June 8th 2014, 2:51pm

Alexandria, how to get extra food there

Food is never gonna be enough in Alexandria, so few tips on how to get extra food without need to buy it :)

* Defeat Legion. Do not collect the reward immediatly :) wait to go into Alexandria and collect the rewards from there

* Achieve higher level Reward..when you are close to get to next level move to Alexandria and get the extra few points you need there, this way when the reward arrive you will collect it there and use it on Alexandria.

I know easy and simple, right?


Monday, March 7th 2016, 4:33am

Thank you

I only needed to say thank you to you for the time spent making this helpful guide.
:P :P :P It is all huntees. :D :D :D

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