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Tuesday, May 22nd 2018, 11:50am

"Facebook friends who also play Asterix"

Players who go through Facebook have the opportunity:

  • to invite friends to play "Asterix and friends ":

  • but sometimes there is no friend to invite:
  • to send food to their friends:

  • but they don't see any friend to send food to:

The misunderstanding is great! : "But yet, I have friends on Facebook who also play asterix and friends!"

Do not panic ! There are no friends, either because you sent them food less than 24 hours ago or because you have to allow the app to see (or review) your friends list.


Tuesday, May 22nd 2018, 12:27pm

You have regularly sent food to your Gallic mates and now you can not!
Games on Facebook have limited access to your data.
It is therefore necessary to give this authorization back to your application.
  • You go to your settings (just before the disconnect button)
  • Then you click on apps and websites:
  • after you check if "Asterix and friends" is still active ... You will see it in the "active" tab
  • If you don't see it, call it in the search bar and click on it:
  • Check all the data you want to communicate to the game and renew access.
  • And you can interact with your Facebook friends again.
  • :!: For this, you will have to allow the application to share your friend list, otherwise it will not be able to make the connection between you and your friends, even if they also play Asterix via Facebook. She can do it between a friend and you if this friend allowed him to see his list but not the other way around. So he can send you food ... but not you.

Ich antworte Ihnen auf Deutsch dank Google-Übersetzung. Bitte entschuldige mich für Sprachfehler ... falls es welche gibt!

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