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Saturday, March 2nd 2019, 10:26pm

Centurion Punch - Can't hit some camps

Dear developers,

I encountered a problem with some of the camps in Centurion Punch tournament. There are some camps that are very close to each other (according to the minimap) but when I tried to hit the second camp of the two, the camp simply wasn't there! I bounced past the first camp and then I landed exactly on the right spot using the minimap (several times) but there was no "bullseye" announcement. So it's not just that the camps aren't displaying properly. Some players on the chat also tried to hit the same camps and couldn't.
The confirmed bugged "double camps" are situated in the north-eastern segment that is going over Russia etc. (the one with no seas). They are the ones in Germania and Scandinavia. I actually encountered one more in a different segment, but can't remember what it was (and I don't want to waste my centurions anymore to find out!).
- Gervania


Wednesday, August 5th 2020, 11:35pm

Hello! I've discovered the same issue: when two camps must be displayed at once, only the first one is visible.

It looks like there is only one camp-representing game object available.
As long as that object stays in the screen, you are unable to hit the next actual camp.

The only solution I know at the moment is to let the guy fly a bit further, letting the first camp go outside the screen.
When it happens, the second camp appears from nowhere, vulnerable to centurions occasionally flying by.

I hope this issue will be fixed.