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Thursday, March 8th 2018, 5:30pm

A better understandable PvP mechanic


I just created the same topic in german forum, but want to present it also in english to give also players a chance to give some feedback who are not speaking german. The original post can be found at this link: [PvP] Nachvollziehbares PvP-System

First why I created this topic: I think it is hard to check why you loose some brawls, because you have no access to the villager stats and at least for myself some brawl weapons stats. Also there are different dmg values in the same brwl for the same villager fighting the same opponent.That's why I'd like to suggest a table that shows the stats (doesn't matter if permanent shown or as tooltip). I have attached a picture with an example ( PvP_example). To support a more tactical PvP I'd also suggest to show equipped weapons, potions and villager level of the defender already in the window you select a adversary (selection window).

Additionally I also want to present a different model for calculation dmg dealt and taken during the brawl.

Damage calculation model:

Damage = 5 + Strength
(Brawler hitting) - Defence value (Brawler hit) * 0,75;

If Damage < 5 then damage should be calculated as 5 (lower cap)

Example (PvP_example):

Egyptian worker with a bathtub equipped fighting a ekonomikrisis who has a menhir equipped:
Damage calculation:
Egyptian workers damage dealt to ekonomikrisis : 5 + 29 –
27*0,75 = 14

Ekonomikrisis damage dealt to Egyptian Worker : 5 + 24 – 29*0,75 = 7

Critical hits:

Critical hits should always deal +5 dmg compared to non-critical hits. The lower cap for critical hit damage would be 10 (lower dmg cap + 5). I choose a flat value for critical damage bonus to prevent a great advantage of players with very well trained villagers which would happen if I choose a % based bonus.


Critical damage dealt by egyptian worker would be 19, ekonomikrisis would deal 12 critical dmg.

As an example for the damage dealt to unarmed defenders based on villager level I have attached a table for lunatix (Lunatix) and pointandclix (poinandclix) (3 star guild) and for pointandclix vs menhire armed defenders (pointandclix vs menhir armed). It is clearly visible that for lower training levels especially lunatix, as the weakest villager, often only deals the lower cap dmg of 5. But even at those levels you will benefit from having a higher villager level. It becomes quite clear when you check the possible damage dealt by a level 1 Lunatix campared to a level 10 Lunatix in a brawl against an unarmed Edifis. A level 1 lunatix would need to have a carpet (+9 strength) and a big potion of strength
(+7 strength) equipped to deal a damage of 6 instead of 5 to Edifis. Using the same equip on level 10 Lunatix will result in 16 damage afflicted.

To improve the damage dealt would also be possible for level 25 villagers, so no high damage cap.

First strike:

The villagers of the attacking village should recieve a +5 bonus on first strike. That would reflect the mechanic for two brwlers with first strike value of 0. At the moment always the attacker hits first. I think this is a good thing, because the defender has the advantage to have always the best possible brawlers available. So it can help to even the chances a bit.

Explanation of my reasons to suggest this damage model:

The reason for me to not use just the defence and strength values to calculate the damage, but lower the effect of one defence point to 0,75 are the already high defence values of some brawlers. Additionally there are also some brawl weapons that give significant higher defence value bonus than you can get for strength. E.g. an amphora will give you +10 strength but a bust will give +20 defence or the gaul banner will boost defenc by 13 and is obtainable from Ekonomikrisis for sesterces.

To use a lower damage cap of 5 should guarantee that every brawler can deal damage to every other, no matter of which items are equipped, this will ensure that even players with low level villagers can win against players with well trained villagers. The expensive training of your villagers should make you benefit in the brawl and to prevent a malus at any chance I used to add the +5 also to the damage dealt by all brawlers. The damage dealt to brawlers should be lower with the system I have suggested, that will in return give mechanics like Block/cit chance and also the incredible potion of KO a more reliable effect.

I would be happy about feedback and suggestions :-)



Gethsemane has attached the following files:
Dorf: Gethsemane
Gilde: Sion


Thursday, March 8th 2018, 8:14pm

The first time I read it, I found it a bit hard to get it, the 2nd time it all fell into place^^

And I believe this is an excellent idea for several reasons:

We currently have two competitive games within the game: The Brawl and the The Race.

The Race requires an input of either an unrealistically large amount of time, working around the clock, (as I've explained before in another post), or Roman Helmets ( real money.) Given these options, the fact that this is aimed at increasing Sproing's revenue is all too obvious. Fair enough. For the average player though, the absolute lack of any skill or challenge required to succeed is not appealing. I know so, as I've finish #16 just to complete the "finish top 50" achievement. Now I just "snail" the race because the "finish on pole position" is 100% down to a case of who is prepared to spend more money on it.

The Ranking has been introduced to give an incentive, but on the other hand being well placed on the Ranking doesn't show any particular game skill, just how much you are willing to spend, or give away, to show up on it, and that's not very appealing.

Therefore I think the aim to increase Sproing's revenue could be done in more "subtle" and "exciting" ways. Even though the race hasn't been here for long, we have seen a decreased interest and slacking from players, slowly, but surely. Also, to note: it is not unusual to have the creation of Bots in games for robotic tasks to minimise time and money and still be at the top. Even very large game companies with huge revenues can struggle with this, Supercell took a whole 3 years to deal with this issue in a moderately effective way. So, for the first time, you have introduced an element in the game (with the race) that potentially acts as an incentive for the need of a Bot. The things that may save you is the low number of players in comparison with the other games that have/had this issue, and maybe also the general knowledge that no game-skills are required to be at the top, therefore a lack of necessary appeal.

Going back to the Brawl: There is some hard core skills required for those players that started the game later and therefore have an inconsequential number of RP because they'll never catch up the time difference; if they want to reach Gold 1 and remain there, more creative thinking, effort and planning is required of them. Even more spending to facilitate things if they wish to. Beyond this "disadvantage" for one particular sector of players, which creates a ruthless Darwinian selection among the new, there is little challenge or thinking required for the rest; certain things will give a higher chance of winning a fight or not, that is all. What Gethsemane is suggesting would bring a moderate degree of planning based on certainty, therefore a bit of a challenge, know-how or skill :)

I hope that his idea gets forwarded along with the inconsequential ones that make it through, such as the increase of # bags, merely because 1 player has reached the limit ;)

There are changes that would benefit a larger community positively, therefore the game, this idea I believe to be one of them.